Ambrose lead gunsmith, Greg Snider, is passionate to provide you with the best repair, modification, and build services. His love for firearms and the lifestyle ensures your guns are built and repaired with personal care and meticulous detail.


Transfers for all California legal guns for dealer-to-dealer and private parties occur everyday. At Ambrose, we are committed to providing comprehensive services that keep the process efficient, accurate and cost-effective so you can get your guns home as soon as they are ready.

Cleaning & Inspections

Ambrose technicians clean your valuable guns with the best solvents and oils to keep your gun at optimal performance levels. Our in-house techs inspect your guns with reliable accuracy to ensure safe and on-target performance!


There are various reasons for why you would need short and long-term off-site storage for your firearms. Ambrose offers secure, insured and safe storage for your firearms while you are away on deployment, waiting for a court case or prefer to have a valuable gun in a secure location.


As part of the Ambrose family, firearms on consignment are kept convenient and cost-effective. Our services are unmatched and the sales team are committed to supporting our consignment customers.

Scope Services

Whether you have a new gun or want to adjust a favorite weapon, our skilled technicians can accurately mount and sight your scope to ensure the best possible performance!